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Ranked 4th in two days with no website!

"OK, brevity being what it is… This is the real deal – I got listed & ranked 4th within 2 days w/o a website!

I’ve been in Real Estate over 30 years & can’t tell you how many thousands I have wasted on what turns out to be a worthless billboard with little activity. I had canned all my sites a year ago & just happened onto Chad recently….my lucky day!

I’ll post all along the way as my successes mount – BUY THE COURSE if you care about your business!" - Brent Elzinga

OMG this really is more like 3 courses rolled into one

"Once again Chad and Seth have really over-delivered quality information on their topic. As a working SEO consultant I can confirm that this is absolutely the best and most thorough course on Google places ever produced. Much of the information contained within, I have until now only wished was possible, but never had the time to figure out for myself. Thankfully I now just need to apply these shortcuts rather than stumble along trying to figure them out myself. This is a HUGE time-saving and would more than justify a much higher price for this course." - John Macdonald

I have learned so much

"...my site has what you say is important to make the Google maps work... so I just used your system and I was immediately No.1 for my area. Not only for the town I live in, but the towns within 60 or 70 miles.

Well, No.1 for the town I live in, not No.1 (but darned close to it) for the rest of the towns.

This is not an easy keyword. This is what amazes me. Now you understand why I am excited." - Ralph Morton